Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling but more specifically Psychotherapy is the informed and intentional application of clinical methods and interpersonal stances derived from established psychological principles for the purpose of assisting people to modify their behaviors, cognitions, emotions, and/or other personal characteristics in directions that the participants deem desirable.  Assigned therapist will commence with an introduction to what the service will look like, completion of intake paper work and a bio-psycho-social assessment. An individualized treatment plan would then be drafted collaboratively outlining opportunities for improvement, desired outcomes and goals both short term and long term. Siservices strongly believes that self-determination, and client autonomy is imperative to sustained success.

60 Mins

  • 60 minutes at $1 Per Minute = $60

90 Mins

  • $90

120 Mins

  • $120

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